tattoo preparation

It is very important for each client to be hydrated the day before the appointment as well as to bring beverages to help keep the client hydrated during the tattoo process. The body goes through a fair amount of trauma during the tattoo process so its very important to keep fluids and blood sugars high to ensure a comfortable tattoo experience. Clients are encouraged to bring snacks, blankets, pillows, headphones and some sort of streaming device (ie. phone, tablet) to help make them feel as relaxed as possible. 

aftercare instructions

Daniel will go over specific tattoo aftercare instructions for each client at the conclusion of their appointment. Please be respectful of his aftercare instructions and do not deviate from them under recommendations from other tattoo artists, friends, etc. 

Pricing/ deposit information

A non-refundable deposit of $200 will be required to secure your spot in Daniel’s schedule. The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the tattoo as long as the client shows up to their scheduled appointment. If the client needs to reschedule an appointment, Daniel asks that you please do so 72 hours before your scheduled appointment so that he may move another client into your spot. If a client does not communicate an absence with Daniel (no call/no show) prior to their appointment or cancels/reschedules in less than the 72 hour time frame, the clients deposit is void and will need to pay another deposit to get back on Daniel’s schedule. Daniel does understand that life happens and will be willing to work with clients as long as they communicate with him. Session rates vary depending on the piece, placement, content and will be discussed once Daniel has reviewed the inquiry.


Daniel is currently only booking 2 months at a time to ensure he can get projects done in a timely manner. If your project requires multiple sessions, all sessions will be booked at once to ensure the project will be finished relatively soon. Due to high demand, Daniel is very selective about the projects he accepts. He will answer all inquiries regardless if the project is accepted or referred to another artist. 

where is Daniel located

Currently Daniel is tattooing at Hidden Crow Tattoo, located at 1414 W Grove St. Boise, ID 83702

He will be traveling to guest spots around the country once he is able to. 

He will be posting dates and locations once they are confirmed.